Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When God is silent

It's something like an atomic bomb.

A loud, earth-shaking explosion....and then, silence. Perfect silence.

I knew it was about time for another update--and yet, since the miracle of my previous post, I didn't have anything to say. God was silent.

And so was I.

Taking God at His word is harder than it sounds.

He's promised to supply my every need--and, where He can, a few of my wants as well. He's promised to stand by me when I've run away from Him. He's promised that no matter what I do; and no matter how many times I commit the same sin; He will forgive me, if I'm only willing to accept the forgiveness and forgive myself. He's promised to never leave me, never forsake me, always watch over me... and always love me.

What more could I ask?

That's certainly more than anyone else has ever promised; partly because no one else in this world could promise such a thing. Only God.

And yet, I find myself sitting in the wrap of God's silence, asking why?

Why? Why the silence yet again? Why the delay? Why are things not moving as fast as I want them to? Father...WHY?

Trust Me. 

I do trust You, but...

There are no buts in the word "trust," My child. All the letters are there but "B"--and I have called you to be trusting, not doubting. 

But Lord...


I guess you can't really blame someone for ceasing to try and reason with that kind of logic. Yes I know, BUT... I realize that, BUT... I want to, BUT...

I've stopped trying to convince people who gave me that to everything I said.

Why should I be surprised if God does the same?

And then the realization hits me hard, almost like a reprimanding smack. God promised to never give up on you...therefore His silence is not the signal of defeat or giving up... it's the signal to wait.


To wait. And then, the silence speaks.

Wait right there, My child--I'm getting something better. 

Something better? After all this discouragement, I don't deserve something better...

Wait right there. God's silence is now shouting. I'm working, though you see Me not. Just wait; something better is coming. 

Something better is coming.

In the meantime, rest in the knowledge of My love, My care, My protection, My forgiveness for everything, and My sustaining grace.

Rest. And wait.

In God's strength, I can do that...

I wait, Lord. Help me to be patient and trusting.

It's amazing what God can do with us when He's silent... so that we will be silent... so that He can speak through His silence.