Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Page at a Time

It isn't real. It just isn't.

I'm just dreaming, right?

I look around me. No, this is no dream. This is it.

I'm home. After nearly seven months, I'm home.

We headed for Mae Sot at 5:30 am Sunday morning. I caught a bus to Bangkok at 8 and got picked up by the Kiers at around 4:30ish. Then, to the airport: Arrived at 5:30 or so and spent most of my waiting time with Jonathan Hill, who was headed home from a JFA tour with Jon Wood. His flight left at 1:20 am. My flight left at 3:40 am.

4 hours and I made it to Korea, waited 7 and 1/2 hours there, and then flew 10 hours to Seattle and spent 2 hours getting through customs in the US. Altogether, a rather uneventful, and good first solo experience.

Culture shock, you ask? Not really. But the cold, unfriendly, even RUDE aura of our society felt like a jolt. I just came from the warmth of Asian hospitality. There's a big difference.

One of my friends told me it would be pretty bad for me to say something like that if I hadn't  "become" Asian during my time in Thailand. I didn't think I had become Asian, but maybe...maybe I have. In a sense. And maybe there's a good reason for it.

My mind goes back... I remember.

Smiling faces.
Different places.
And a beautiful experience, on this end.

God always knows what He's doing. Always.

I'm going to be switching to my regular blog from here on out, til I hit another mission trip: Voice from the Mountain. I used this one previously as Memories of the Future. Just so you all know.

I can't believe it's over. Time to get back into the new field of mission God has for me now.

Even if I remember what has been my "normal" for the last seven months.

Will I go back?

Maybe someday, should God see fit to take me.


I hope and pray.

Til then, I'll trust it all to the One who's writing my story out...

...One page at a time.

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